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So we did! And those clients are still our clients today.

Due to the shrinking skilled labor pool, many businesses are hiring seniors, older workers, boomers, retirees, geezers (whatever you choose to call them) in record numbers. And other businesses are just now recognizing the need to hold onto and build favorable relationships with their skilled and experienced senior labor force.

American workers are living longer and staying healthier. Some seniors prefer to continue to use their skills acquired in the workplace past retirement age. And, current trends in social security eligibility, reduced cost-of-living increases, and retirement plan challenges have forced many older Americans to re-enter the workforce. Some just want to keep busy.

Statistics show that hiring seniors makes good business sense. Some seniors, about 45% according to our survey, prefer part-time work with flexible schedules. And, overall seniors are punctual, exhibit strong work ethics, and generally experience fewer on-the-job injuries than younger workers.

There is the perception & reality of age discrimination.

We are confident that the "visionary" businesses out there will see the value of recruiting (and retaining) experienced workers. We are advocates for people 50 and older seeking jobs and/or other ways of earning money and we work tirelessly to persuade businesses to overcome any vestiges of age discrimination.

As word of our existence and methodology spreads, more and more companies are tapping our services.

Founder, Renée Ward was formerly VP JobOptions and VP TMP Recruitment Advertising. She is a socially responsible entrepreneur. A nationally recognized public speaker, presenter and media consultant, Ms. Ward can be retained to conduct seminars, workshops, and/or other engagements related to the recruitment, hiring, and retention of older workers. is owned and operated by The Forward Group, a privately-held company that also publishes