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Working late in life can be good for your health

S4H Staff

Yes, working late in life can be good for your health which is great news for the increasing numbers of seniors that are opting to remain in or re-enter the workforce. And, this is healthy news for the business community.

Renée Ward, founder of says studies show that depression after a job loss whether voluntary or not is a common problem. Older workers who have invested a lot in their careers and identify strongly with their work are at greatest risk. Working can help keep an older person’s mind alert and their self-esteem up while providing a sense of purpose, income and autonomy.

“Rather than being isolated at home, being engaged with the public or a project helps ward off boredom and depression”, says Dr. Vonda Pelto, a clinical psychologist in Long Beach, CA. “Having a place to go and people to see is very important to the well-being of many people. Ultimately, work you enjoy reduces stress and prolongs life.”

Ward says, “There’s the mis-perception that older workers just want to be greeters at some mall store. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have a great pool of talent among the membership looking for meaningful opportunities and not just a little something extra to do. Small businesses in particular may want to take a look at our membership to fill key positions. Many members are looking to port their skills in new areas.” members are 50 and older and self-categorize their skills and job hunt needs. The 15 most heavily populated categories are:

Accounting & Auditing
Administrative and Support Services
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Computer-related Services
Education, Training & Library
Executive Management
Human Resources & Recruiting
Operations Management
Transportation & Warehousing

“These are folks who want to be gainfully employed and contribute to the bottom line of the business. Work, is sometimes what we live for”, says Ward.